Friday, October 1, 2010

The Last Days of Summer at the Studio

Return Visit
24 x 30
oil on canvas

After painting Signals and Shapes, I became fascinated by this new vista, and decided to explore it further with this piece. This is the final work of the season.

Signals and Shapes

oil on canvas

30 x 40

In this spontaneous piece, I was fascinated by the shapes created by water, land and sky. This view in turn gave way to a group of paintings from that very site.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Art for the Parry Sound Art Walk (July 31-August1)

Overlapping Shapes

Natural Rhythm

First Impressions
for sale

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Latest Landscapes

My Resolution
36 x 46

After many false starts, this picture was finally completed after two years. I was able to simplify the shapes and thus bring closure to the composition. I was fascinated by continuous changes within that particular setting- the continuous movements of clouds, changes in the reflections in the water and the ever-changing illumination on the trees and rocks. This version became my resolution.

Three Planes
30 x 40
I had this setting on the lake in mind for sometime and it was then when I came to the actual site that the composition was executed quite rapidly. This piece was inspired by the receding background, middle ground and foreground. The middle ground consisted of the uncontrolled purity of the environment and the rocks provided the foundation to this visual entertainment.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Portrait to Abstract


George Brown Continuing Education Gallery F presents an exhibition of works by:

Stefan Galvanek’s students, who have completed Winter-Spring

courses in:

Painting with Acrylics; Portraiture in Oil; Life Painting in Oils; Sculpting Basics.

Welcome to the 2010 Winter-Spring term student exhibition at Gallery F, which this year showcases the works of twenty-five George Brown Fine Arts students.

Ranging in experience from the beginner level to the advanced level, the exhibitors here explore the genres of portraiture and abstract art. Their studies and their work have incorporated all the principles or aft, including proportion, composition, rhythm, colour, and perspective. In portraiture, vital technical skills are acquired and applied as the painter seeks to achieve the living likeness and expression of the sitter. In the field of abstract art, students absorb the history of the genre though lectures and slides, thus learning to ‘think outside the box; and create their own nonrepresentational works of art.

The exhibition also includes works from George Brown’s new sculpting program, in which students have enthusiastic

ally tackled the challenges of sculpting in relief, creating busts, and experimenting with free abstract forms in clay, while also learning techniques for making molds and casts.

My sincere congratulations to students, who worked so hard in achieving these great outcomes.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Lake Land II, 30 x 40, price available upon request

Waiting for Transit, 30 x 40, price available upon request

In Transit, 30 x 40, price available upon request

Journey, 30 x 40, price available upon request